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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

Before placing your order on our website, please read and agree to our terms and conditions of sale. We strongly recommend you read this terms and conditions from the beginning to the end and probably keep a copy with you. By ordering from Design Your Desire (DYD) Inc. Florida, you agree to comply & be bound by the following terms and condition of sale. In this terms and conditions, ‘you’/’your’ refers to the customer while ‘we’/’our’/’us’ refers to Design Your Desire (DYD) Inc. Florida.
1. Pricing and Terms
1.1 All quotes are valid for the specified goods for 28 days from the date of quote. Any alteration may incur a rise in cost which will reflect in the new quote. Please have it in mind that all quotes are made subject to our terms and conditions of sale. All orders are subject to the terms and conditions we’ve set out here, as stated on the invoice.
1.2 The prices we stated on our website or any brochure and catalogues are approximate. All orders will come with a full quote. The price payable for any good you order and their delivery is as set out in the invoice. We reserve every right to change the shown prices at any time but we will contact you in the event of alteration before the order is confirmed. Where there is legal obligation to collect taxes, an appropriate amount will be added. Unless a customer provide a valid tax exemption certificate from authorized taxing authority, customer will pay the tax amount in full.
1.3 Misplaced Decimal Places, Misplaced Goods or OtherwiseIf, by genuine mistake, we have under-priced an item, we will not be in any way liable to supply such item to you at a price stated, provided we notify you before the item is dispatched. In those circumstances, we will inform you of the correct price so that you can decide whether you wish to order the product at that price or not.
1.4 In the case of loss of earnings, we will not and cannot be help responsible for any form of loss of earnings, whether real or projected, as a result of the order being lost, arriving late or not being as expected.
2. Ordering
2.1 Terms – Before the order can be processed, we must receive FULL payment. By placing an order on our site, you agree to pay Pro-forma for the invoice goods. There will not be any need for Pro-forma payment when credit agreement is in place, or if it is stated otherwise on the invoice. When we accept your order, it brings a legally binding contract between us and you into existence. Customers are reminded to ensure they are satisfied with the selected product(s), and it is suitable for their requirements before placing the order. No responsibilities are placed with Design Your Desire (DYD) Inc. Florida, for the decision to order.
2.1.1 Acceptance of either a formal quote or informal quote or a request for an invoice means acceptance of an offer under all applicable law.
2.2 Order – All orders will be set out in a type of order form (jobsheet), which must get our approval before your order will be processed. The responsibility for the accuracy of the order form (jobsheet) solely lies with the customer: once your order has entered production process, mistakes will not and cannot be replaced. The order form (jobsheet) may be provided as a separate document or details included within an e-mail identifying specification of an order. Any new order form (jobsheet) sent to you supersedes all the previous forms. Acceptance of order form (jobsheet) and acceptance /payment of an invoice means you agreed to all our company’s Trading Terms and Conditions. All payments must be in in US dollars. Conversion from any other foreign currency must be borne by the customer and should not be deducted from the total invoice.
2.3 Designs and Artwork – Customer must provide her custom-made details.
2.4 Copyright Designs
2.4.1 Supplied designs – It is the responsibility of customer to gain authorization to use any trademark, copyrighted and otherwise licensed logos/material in their order. We will not be liable for the use of trademarked, copyrighted or otherwise licensed designs, logos or artwork in your specification.
2.4.2 Designs produced by us – All designs produced for you by us remains our intellectual property and may not be used in any form without our prior written consent. The artwork provided by you for the use of Design Your Desire (DYD) Inc. Florida is excluded.
2.5 Sample – Blank samples are non-refundable and charged at the single unit price, and carriage may be subject to administration fee, which will be detailed in the invoice sent to you.
2.6 Return – Every product that is 100% custom-made according to customer’s preference cannot be returned for any reason except for production error.
2.6.1 In the case of any production error, customer will be require to take a picture of such error and upload herself wearing the product and email it to If it is measurement error, we will require the measurements which are wrong or any area which the customer feel does not fit with the measurement sent to us by the customer (holding the measurement tape, showing the measurements). If customer’s return request is accepted, customer will be notified immediately.
2.7 Turnaround Time – This is highly dependent on quantity of product required. Our average turnaround is 15 – 22 days. It can be longer on occasions. When you make an order, we will provide you with completion date. All turnaround durations are estimates and the exact delivery date cannot be guaranteed. We will not be liable for loss incurred due to production or delivery delays.
2.8 Cancellations & Refunds – Once you place an order, the manufacturing stage starts immediately, and the costs are borne immediately by us. So, we emphasise that once you place an order, it cannot be cancelled. As stated in 2.6, return and refund is not possible.
2.9 Supplied Goods – All goods supplied are open to rejection rate of 10%, for which we will not be responsible and will not refund.
3. Delivery
3.1 Shipping – Any liability for loss or damage in transit, or thereafter, shall pass to the customer upon delivery of the order to a common carrier for shipment. On timely receipt of all necessary information from you by us, the shipment dates are approximated. Each customer shall bear the cost of transportation and insurance. We will add insurance and transportation cost to your invoice. Also, we shall not be in default by reason of any failure in its performance under this Agreement if such failure result from either directly or indirectly, explosion, strike, fire, freight embargo, war, act of God or of the public enemy, de jure or de facto, civil disturbance, act of any government, agency or official thereof, transportation contingencies, material or labour shortage, usual severe weather, quarantine, epidemic, restriction, catastrophe, default of any other manufacturer or supplier or subcontractor, lack of timely instructions or essential information from you, or otherwise arisen out of causes beyond our control. We shall not also be liable for any incidental, special or consequential damages. The customer shall be responsible for all custom clearance and payment of all duties and charges in the territory. We are not liable for any damage or loss in transit.
3.2 Handling Responsibility of Goods Delivery – Customer, will need to be sure she has the sufficient and proper equipment and personnel to unload the goods/products delivered to your premises because the delivery companies’ drivers will not be required/obliged to provide assistance in unloading your order.
3.3 Package Delivery – Your order will arrive boxed unless stated otherwise. Customize bagging and folding can be supplied at additional cost.
3.4 Delays beyond our control – We shall not be liable to you for any delay or failure in the delivery of goods ordered, or defect or damage to goods caused by circumstances or events beyond our reasonable control (including, strike, lockout, without limitation and other industrial dispute).
3.5 In case you fail to accept the delivery, that delivery shall be deemed o have occurred, and any shortage or other costs incurred by the seller as a result of the buyer’s failure shall be added to the buyer’s account with interest.
3.6 Warranty – We will try our best to provide the best quality, and these will arrive in a merchantable quality. Any depletion or wear and tear of goods due to use and wear are not our responsibility and we will not be obliged to refund or replace any goods. In addition, it should be noted that our clothing is sensitive to warm washing and tumble drying; both must be avoided. Ensure you pay attention to the wash care instructions on the label and please get in touch in case you have any doubt. We recommend you wash all items on 30 degree Celcius and hung out dry – not tumble dried.
3.7 Governing Law – The contract between you and us shall be governed by and interpreted by US law, and the US court shall have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any arising disputes.
3.8 Confidentiality – All information supplied by both party to the other and identified by the recipient shall be kept strictly confidential by the recipient and shall not be disclosed to any third party without the other’s prior written consent. On termination and expiry of this agreement, all confidential documents and information supplied by either party shall be returned to the supplying party. The obligation of confidentiality in these Terms and Conditions shall remain in force after termination or expiry or any relationship between you and us.
3.9 General – We may subcontract parts and any part of product sourcing, production and delivery of Good and/or Services without prior notice. If the exact color, style, material and size are not available, we will discuss alternatives with you and gain your approval before proceeding.
3.10 Variation – Design Your Desire (DYD) Inc. Florida shall have the right in its discretion to at any time remove, amend or vary services and/or any page of
3.11 Invalidity – In case any part of this terms of service is unenforceable (including any provision in which we exclude our liability to you), the enforceability of all other parts of the terms of service will not be affected as all other clauses will remain in full force and effect.
3.12 Waiver – If you breach these conditions and we do not take any action, we are still entitle to our rights and remedies in any situation where you breach the conditions.
3.13 Entire Agreement – These terms and conditions, contract details and delivery details, set out the whole of our agreement relating to the supply of products/goods to you by us. These terms and conditions cannot be varied except in writing signed by a director of Design Your Desire (DYD) Inc. Florida and will always supersede customer’s term. Also, nothing verbally agreed by any of our staff should understood as a variation of these terms and condition or any unauthorised representation about the quality and nature of any goods offer for sale by us. A delay in enforcing our right does not constitute a waiver on our part.
3.14 These terms and conditions are bonded legally.
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